When you got your first job, how delighted you were! It seemed you had stepped in the success journey of your life. All that you had dreamed about appeared to become a reality then. But for most of us, has it been that way? Down 2-3 years in your job, are you still feeling the same? Or may be you are still confused to answer this. That is completely normal to stay puzzled. Now when you are trying to figure out things that will work for you, a lot of things are coming into your way- your work doesn’t permit you any time to think about your life, you are getting notifications in FB and Instagram showcasing how your friend is having a good time and you are not, you are not able to find a good partner for you to share your feelings and then you are not even able to sleep properly leave alone thinking deeply about life. If you are also facing similar problems, then chances are that you are unable to concentrate properly on what you do. You stretch this over a period and this causes stress. Many of you might not be aware of the fact but this is the case with a lot of young adults (18-32 age) in India right now. The range of 18-32 years of age is a crucial period in anyone’s life. One usually has a lot of expectations from life and this is the period when it takes shape of how is it going to look after 10 years. It adds more pressure and is the reason why millennials find themselves in a deadlock against time. You overthink so much that it increases your stress level not allowing you to take any decision. While it is not possible to suggest what is best suited for you, it is possible to guide you on how to manage stress thereby empowering you to take a balanced stand in your life. Here, I will take some general causes of stress and will discuss how to control them in your life.

Job Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction in a job is becoming a major problem these days and a hell lot of young adults will agree to this. You might have got your first job through a campus recruitment drive or offline recruitment. You didn’t have much of a choice then. But this need not be your first and last job. There are a lot of opportunities out there to explore. Please understand one thing here. Your first job is very important to make you realize your potential and your likings. If you think that your job is not good for you, it is because you are in the job seeing through its in and out which is making you aware of your preferences. Those of you who are already into few years of work experience and still not happy with the job or the manager, you guys might be expecting things to change that suit you. But the hard truth is that it doesn't happen that way. It is not under your control to change things in a workplace where you are nothing but just an employee. What is in your control is your choice to EXIT. If you don’t like it, then you always have the option to EXIT and find what is best suited for you. You can’t just sit and curse yourself without doing a thing about it. You don’t have to leave your current job to do it, you can continue with your current job until you find a better one for yourself.

Love Intricacies

Isn't it magical to fall in love with! Yes, IT IS. And it is equally heartbreaking when you find yourself in a love triangle or in a jilted state. But life doesn’t always go the way you want it. Everybody has their own choices and we got to respect that. You cannot imagine how much strength it gives when you absorb the fact that it is absolutely ok to get rejected in love. Life is long and it gives you ample choices to choose from. But the first thing is to make yourself stand on your foot. Patience is the key. If you are not able to cope with the heartbreak, just discuss with your parents or loved ones. It is really magical the way it soothes.

Peer Pressure

You and your friend are having similar capability and are doing the same work, still, she/he got more hike than you. You are preparing for the last 2 years, but your friend cleared the exam in his first attempt. We compare us with others at every stage of life. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos started Amazon at the age of 30. Jack Ma started Alibaba when he was 35 years of age. So it is immaterial when you find your call. You need to understand that everyone has their own life-clock. Things happen at its own pace for every one of us. You can’t bang our head against time. If somebody has achieved something early, it is his/her time cycle. You never know how much they have prepared to get there or how much they have sacrificed to achieve that. It is good to take inspiration from successful people and invest time to improve yourself rather than poor comparison.

High Work-load

When it comes to high work-pressure, you must learn to say NO. It is natural that at the early stage of your career, you are expected to work hard. This is, in fact, good for you to learn things faster. But then there is a limit. You must be aware of your limit. You must keep some time aside for your family, friends or loved ones per week (not necessarily every day). If you unnecessarily take up work beyond your limits, it will make your life hell in on time. So just be mindful in your job responsibilities.

Feeling alienated/ not valued/ deprived of Love

This is one of the most impending problem coming out in recent times. People tend to be so much busy that they forget to maintain any kind of human-relationships and ultimately feel alienated after some months/years. And it doesn’t heal quickly as the feeling is very personal in nature. It resides silently inside. If you see the current generation, people find ample time for online social platforms. This is taking a dangerous turn now. Why dangerous is because millennials have started to value more to the fake relations created over these platforms than any real form of relationships. You can get happy very easily on these platforms as people post their likes on your photos or videos etc. You get so addicted to these emotions that you get upset when you don’t find it. You feel you are not valued anymore and this has a rippling effect on your psychic. Remember, family and friends are a vital part of anyone’s life and the emotions attached to it are real. You derive energy from these people as you move on with your life. Apart from this, offline social interaction is very important for human beings. So the bottom line is that you must be able to draw a line to which extent your digital life intrudes your personal life. You have to plan it out for yourself. For ex, you can choose to minimize the use of digital devices when you are among your friends or on a trip.

As a general principle of life, you have to make some or other sacrifices at different stages of your life. You have to take a choice which best suits you and accept the opportunity cost and be OK about it. You cannot satisfy everyone around you. And in the end, success doesn’t come overnight. Everybody has their own speed of doing things. Keep trying (you can’t sit idly waiting for luck) and have patience- you will get it as per your life-clock

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